The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Farming Interface —

On the 25th of December, RFII’s first farming protocol was successfully launched allowing users stake their RFI, RFII and RFY, Liquidity Pool tokens to mine RFY. A huge success to the community run project with APY set to launch with the secondary platform release.

A secondary platform is under development and will be released acting as a defi project connector. This platform will support single token staking for a range of projects the protocol supports such as WBTC, WETH, UNI, RFI, RFII, and RFY.

Single tokens supported (WBTC, WETH, UNI, RFI, RFII, and RFY)

This addition will further expose those who are unfamiliar with RF type projects when they utilize the secondary system.

The Early Bird

As they say, ‘Early bird gets the worm’, RFY’s primary utility is the reward token to the RFII farming, with further details in the previous medium article. Its integration into the secondary farming platform and functionality is yet to be revealed. This is due to the rise in competition from forks and copycats, further details will be released closer to the secondary platform release date, are you going to get the worm and farming RFY early?

There are 120,000 tokens are set to be unlocked on Jan 5th due to the locking period ending, these coins will be relocked for another to ensure further trust in the project.

The RFII team is currently working with 2 additional developers to find a way to further contribute to the RFII ecosystem. The secondary platform is set to release in February after testing is completed with the CoinGecko listing set to be made any day now.

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